Docker Images for the mldonkey Service

This is a summary of available images for the mldonkey service:

The version of mldonkey used in the images is the one reported in the “mldonkey version” column. It points to a fork of the official repo. Some of the versions are straight from the mldonkey official repo, some others include some additional patches I uploaded to my fork.

Inside the docker image, I also started to include mldonkey-next, which is a websocket interface to the mldonkey core.

TagBasemldonkey Versionmldonkey-next
devdebian:buster6fbc501ce719afAlways points to the latest development version. This is the recommended version.
latestdebian:buster6fbc501ce719afSame as dev.
dev-6fbc501-ce719afdebian:buster6fbc501ce719afFixes previous version for recent versions of docker.
dev-6fbc501-d229e40debian:buster6fbc501d229e40Adds a websocket interface on port 4002.
v3.1.7-2-6fbc501debian:buster6fbc501Includes the dark theme, fixes for use with reverse proxy and other improvements from to official repo.
3.1.7-2-d9394aadebian:busterd9394aaClose to official 3.1.7-2
3.1.6-1-busterdebian:buster3.1.6-1Official release
3.1.5-jessiedebian:jessie3.1.5Official release

For more info refer to the github project: