A Tribute to Qt Portability :-)

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The new ports of Qt to mobile systems like Android, iOS and WinRT are getting more and more reliable. I just wanted to have a look at the current stage of development and I therefore wrote a sample app. This is the result:

This is a quick app to test the portability of Qt on desktop, mobile and embedded.

The video shows client/server code, communicating via WebSockets (using the new WebSockets module in Qt), with a server in Qt/C++ running on Pi and with a fluid hardware accelerated interface in C++/QML running on Raspberry Pi, Mac OS X Maverick, Android Phone and Tablet, Windows 8 (Modern UI), Windows Phone 8, iOS and Linux Kubuntu. The server (on Raspberry Pi) stores information about tasks and the client provides a remote interface to manage. A client written using HTML5 canvas and WebSockets from the browser is also shown.

Unfortunately I don’t own iOS and Winphone ARM devices, otherwise I’d add those as well 🙂 Good start anyway: this is really “write once, deploy anywhere”.

Using the ports is simple: configure Qt Creator with the correct Qt build, setup the toolchain to use, qmake and build (for iOS and WinRT I preferred Xcode and Visual Studio respectively yet). Your done!
Pretty cool! Bye! 😉

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