Qt on Linux i.MX 6

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i.MX 6 is a good device. Qt runs pretty well on it. Also a plugin for hardware accelerated and zero-copy rendering seems to work pretty well. Simply building Qt for i.MX 6 makes it possible to use the Qt Multimedia plugin. This is the result (on Linux):

I also tested a provided Android port but the result was not as good.

11 thoughts on “Qt on Linux i.MX 6”

  1. I am confused because I thought the Cortex A9 chip was the i.MX 6, but I presume that is not the case. I think I will go with the RiotBoard (riotboard.org) at £52 is a reasonable price, though sadly only single core.

  2. Not sure, this seems to be a fake. In the description I read 1.5Ghz Dual Core Cortex A9 Amlogic Neon AML8726-MX Processor. Not i.MX 6. Also that is an Android box. The one you see in the video is Linux.

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