Binaries for Hardware Accelerated Qt 5.5.0 Multimedia Backend on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 (5.0.0 beta 1)

These are two packages containing binaries for PiOmxTextures (POT) for Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 running Raspbian.

The main changes are:
  • Completely changed approach to GPU buffer and structure allocations. This should avoid interrupting the renderer thread during execution of commands and, in the future, to avoid the need for patching Qt Multimedia.
  • Reusing textures when possible instead of reallocating when not needed.
  • Fixed a few bugs reported on github.
  • Speed up start/stop by removing the need for closing and reopening the streams.
  • Changed screen update procedure. This seems to improve performance again a bit than before.
  • Merged changes from omxplayer.
  • Bump ffmpeg to 2.7.2.
  • Added QML samples (these are not contained in the package, some are in the github repo).
Package for Pi1 is supposed to work both on Pi1 and Pi2. Package for Pi2 includes armv7 optimizations in ffmpeg, POT and Qt and is therefore only compatible with Pi2. Qt build was unchanged since last build.

Download PiOmxTextures 5.0.0 for Pi1 here.
Download PiOmxTextures 5.0.0 for Pi2 here.

The information provided for previous builds apply.

This is a beta version because I do not have much time to test. So do not use in production, but if you can invest time in testing, please report any bug you find. Me or someone else interested may try to fix.NOTE: If you develop your own C++ app remember to enable the global shared OpenGL context in Qt. qmlscene seems to already enable that by default.

NOTE: If you need information on how to use this build, please refer to this little procedure.

4 thoughts on “Binaries for Hardware Accelerated Qt 5.5.0 Multimedia Backend on Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 (5.0.0 beta 1)”

  1. Hi Luca, I am testing your work and I try use webkit module but this is not installed.
    WebKit is not in include folder.

    How I can install WebKit ??
    Is possible install webengine ??

    I need to make test using a web module.

    You can help me or guide me with this ??


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