Binaries for Hardware Accelerated Qt 5.6.0-beta1 Multimedia Backend on Raspbian Jessie (POT 5.1.0)

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This is a experimental build of POT 5.1.0 running on Qt 5.6.0-beta1 built for Raspbian Jessie for armv7 (Raspberry Pi 2). Do not use in production. The package includes:

  • Qt 5.6.0-beta1 optimised for armv7.
  • QtConnectivity including BLE support.
  • QtWebKit including both WebKit 1 and WebKit 2. Video decoding is implemented in WebKit with gstreamer (won’t even do 720p properly).
  • QtWebEngine with unaccelerated video decoding using ffmpeg.
  • QtFtp.
  • valgrind-3.12.0.SVN: using it on PiOmxTextures requires to disable in /etc/ Also the default valgrind in Raspbian was not working for me.
  • POT 5.1.0 for accelerated playback in Qt.

No accelerated video playback is implemented in QtWebKit nor QtWebEngine in this build. CSS animations instead are properly accelerated when OpenGL rendering is used.

Download PiOmxTextures 5.1.0 for Raspbian Jessie Pi2 here (extraction code is: 508d).

14 thoughts on “Binaries for Hardware Accelerated Qt 5.6.0-beta1 Multimedia Backend on Raspbian Jessie (POT 5.1.0)”

  1. That probably means you are not using OpenGL as a viewport.
    I never experienced this because I don't use widgets.
    Current Qt technology on embedded is QtQuick with QML. C++ is invoked from QML.

  2. I tried to use QGraphicsVideoItem but get no luck.
    I can hear the sound of the video but for each frame i get in logs
    "WARNING: Failed to start surface."
    and video does not render on the screen.

    Maybe i miss something? Do you ever experienced such thing during development? I enabled SharedOpenGLContext attribute.

    I want to use C++ because i need to work with filesystem and run some linux processed during work.

  3. Hello, I'm sorry but QVideoWidget is old not accelerated technology. I don't think POT will work there. If you strictly need desktop technology like QWidget's you may be able to use a QGraphicsView with OpenGL viewport using a QGraphicsVideoItem. But I really can't guarantee this works, never tried, this is more desktop technology. On embedded I typically use accelerated QtQuick.

  4. Hi Luca

    Im newby in Qt, can you tell me – can i use QMediaPlayer with QVideoWidget in my qt widgets application using POT backend?

  5. Thanks for the 7zip file. I am behind proxy and site is blocked by our proxy. I am new to POT. How to get this binary working? Any document/help available? Please help.

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