Hands-on WebKit and HTML5 Media Elements on Raspberry Pi

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I tried to do this a few months ago actually, but I got lost in the huge amount of code and architecture variants of WebKit. Now I convinced myself it would be too interesting to see it working. I don’t have much spare time, so I wanted to start with the path of least-resistance and then, depending on the time available, continue climbing. This activity is very time consuming, so I do not know where I’ll get.

This is however the first stage: using POT to implement 1080p hardware accelerated zero-copy video playback in the Qt port of WebKit1. No QML here. Of no use, but it somehow works. I read there are far better results out there, but I learned much by doing this, and I had fun 🙂
Of course, as you can see, there is much much work being done in the UI thread. JavaScript is mostly run in the main thread, making the framerate pretty bad on heavy websites. That is why WebKit2 is there after all 🙂


Bye! 😉

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