Experimental Implementation of the Blog on a Raspberry Pi! πŸ˜‰

I recently started to add many useful open source services to my Raspberry Pi, like Jenkins, GitLab etc… I wrote some articles about running some services on a arm64 device here:

After these, I also wanted to try WordPress: it is already available as a comfortable docker image for arm64. How could I put it to work? I thought I could reimplement the Bugfree Blog in WordPress!

Unfortunately it was a bit harder than I thought: first of all this bug was making the system completely unstable. I fortunately found a workaround soon by bisecting the kernel, and now there is also an official fix. The fix is not published yet on Ubuntu, but with this docker image I can apply the patches and cross-build the Ubuntu kernel quickly.

A second problem was related to disconnections of USB devices when USB hubs are connected. This is still unresolved.

A third problem is related to the SD card: I never had problems with the SD card, but I recently broke a few. The Raspberry Pi 4 is hotter that I thought, even when load is minimum. The SD cards are guaranteed to work properly up to 85Β°C, and the Raspberry Pi is set to that max temp, but I tried to reduce it by using a proper case and adding a little (and very professional) Lego castle to encourage heat dissipation. Let’s hope SD cards can live longer.


The new URL for the experimental Bugfree Blog on Raspberry Pi 64 bit is:


We’ll see if the experiment succeeds, what the performance is and how much I’ll keep it active.

If you are curious, have a look!

Bye πŸ˜‰

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