Docker Image for the Awesome MLDonkey Service

I really like this excellent piece of software. I found some docker images for it for the arm64 architecture, but they seemed not to be very up to date, so I created my own. Here you can find my version of a dockerized MLDonkey service, built for many archs: armv7, arm64, x86 and x64. The arm versions are perfect for Raspberry Pi variants.

The latest version of the image is taken from this commit, which is the latest at the time of writing. It also includes a couple of patches that I sent to add a dark theme.

The image is built on top of debian:buster. For the moment, it is difficult to use something newer because of this known issue.

  • Image on Docker Hub: link;
  • GitHub repo for the project: link.

To run it, you only need a single command:

$ docker run -i -t -v "`pwd`/data:/var/lib/mldonkey" carlonluca/mldonkey

For more options read the readme in the repo.

Bye! 😉

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